Using AI for Communications

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have taken the world by storm. AI tools can support communications tasks, including design, but none of them should be used without careful consideration, diligent review for diversity and inclusion, and copy editing. We are doing our best to understand it, and exploring ways to use it responsibly for future success.

How is AI influencing your work?

Below are a few interesting ways that AI tools can support the implementation of your communications efforts.


Social Media management tools like Hootsuite have AI creators that help generate themes or content subjects, supporting the planning of a year-long editorial or social media calendar.


Tools like Muck Rack and Meltwater have functions that help write first drafts of press releases, if fed adequate information. Sprout social uses AI features to suggest scheduling times when audiences are most likely to engage.


It can be hard but necessary to generate unique but similar messages, AI tools like ChatGPT or OwlyWriter AI can help take content that’s been produced and rework it for new use cases – like language for a particular audience, or editing for character count to post across different platforms.


If you’re facing a specific roadblock or struggling with a particular section of your writing, you can describe the issue to ChatGPT. It can provide suggestions, alternative approaches, or examples to help you break through the blockage, spark your creativity, and find a way forward.

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