An Event To Remember: Adding Gift Boxes to Your Virtual Conference

In the spirit of giving and as the need for virtual conferences continues, remember everyone loves receiving a package. Sending out a gift box to your attendees will make your virtual conference stand out in the sea of online content. Below are some tips on how to use a gift box to engage with your attendees and stay in your conference budget.

Connect Attendees to the Event

Not only is sending a gift a nice gesture, it’s an excellent way to make your event come to life and have the attendees feel a part of the activities.

  • Extend the keynote session by sending the speaker’s latest book and setting up a post conference book club.
  • Liven a virtual reception with a mocktail recipe and the ingredients to make it.
  • Make participating remotely easier by sending blue light glasses.
  • Provide tasty snacks for breaks.
  • Don’t forget collectibles. If your attendees are used to getting their conference t-shirt or tote bag, there’s no need for this year to be different.
  • Match your giveaway to your theme and link it to a fun activity. For example, if the theme is “Jumping into the Future,” send jump ropes and have a jump rope competition.
  • Say thank you. Include a note letting your attendees know how much your organization appreciates their participation.

Great Sponsorship Opportunity

Adding a gift box to your event doesn’t have to break your budget. This is a perfect way for sponsors to engage with attendees.

  • Create sponsorship packages to include materials in the gift boxes.
  • Select items can be branded with logos and slogans.
  • If the giveaways are connected to a specific event, the sponsors may interact with attendees. For example, they can share information about their organization during the jump rope competition and announce the winner!
  • Give them a shout out during an unboxing event. Bringing your attendees together to open their gift boxes together offers a good opportunity to thank your sponsors and feature their sponsored items.
  • Highlight your sponsored gift items on social media. Sharing pictures of your gift boxes on social media is a great way to showcase this special feature and thank your sponsors in a public arena.

You Don’t Have to Do it On Your Own

The idea of putting together hundreds of gift boxes and shipping them out is daunting. However, that doesn’t have to fall on your plate. There are companies that can assist you in branding items, curating gift boxes, and sending them out. 

  • Printing and Promotional Businesses: these companies have the ability to not only purchase items in bulk but also have logos and slogans added to them. Additionally, many have fulfillment houses that will allow them to package and ship the boxes quickly. Make sure you ask before proceeding.
  • Customized Gift Box Companies: Some companies specialize in creating custom gift boxes around a specific theme or occasion to tailor your items to your event. 
  • Etsy: private vendors are producing quality gift boxes with unique items in them. Before purchasing them, make sure the vendor is able to make the quantity of boxes needed in the time allotted.

Feelings Matter

Successful events don’t only deliver important content, they leave a lasting impression on your attendees. We strive to make people feel happy, invigorated, valued, connected, awed, motivated, inspired, and so much more from our events. Don’t let the technological concerns of a virtual conference steer you away from that principle. 

Something as simple as a gift box, especially if it is tied to your content, can evoke excitement for an upcoming event and gratitude because you went an extra step for your attendees. Importantly, you can take that extra step while staying in your event budget. By including your sponsors, your gift boxes can show that you value their contribution and want to highlight them in a variety of ways. Adding this special piece to your event can make everyone feel the joy of gift giving while making it a memorable experience for your attendees.

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