How Will You Connect in 2022?

Are your event attendees longing to meet in-person? Has your company found a new appreciation for virtual events? Or, are you looking to host a hybrid, multi-experience event by giving your attendees the option to participate virtually or in-person? As we look ahead to the new year, we want to hear how you plan to connect and engage with your key audiences this coming year. 

The last year and a half has brought a new perspective on the way we design conferences, convenings, and other events large and small. Professionals in the events industry have needed to be flexible and creative to ensure their attendees can convene safely. At Collaborative, we want to continue to innovate with your well-being and desired outcomes in mind. To help us do just that, we are asking our valued clients to take this 5-minute survey to share general details about your organization’s upcoming events. We will follow up with those who complete the survey to share what we learn.

Still not sure you want to participate in our survey? In the spirit of the holiday season, we’ll be sending a gift to our survey respondents! Don’t miss the chance to receive a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker; amplify your sound while helping us amplify your impact.

We hope you consider sharing your feedback and plans so we can better prepare for the 2022 events seasons together. Keep an eye on the Collaborative Communications Blog for a summary of the data we receive!

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