Just Released: State Guide to Building Online School Report Cards

Collaborative Communications Group is honored to partner with the Council of Chief State School Officers, Data Quality Campaign, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Learning Heroes, and the National PTA to develop a State Guide to Building Online School Report Cards. Collaborative believes that education data is a transformative, powerful lever for initiating policy and fostering engagement, and we are thrilled to share this resource with the field.

Dear Friend,

We are proud to announce the release of a State Guide to Building Online School Report Cards – a 12-month, step-by-step timeline and guide outlining the process for states to develop a next-generation report card under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

This new guide, co-created by our organizations – Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Collaborative Communications Group, Data Quality Campaign, ExcelinEd, Learning Heroes and National PTA – helps states break down the process for creating report cards that are easy for parents and the public to access and understand.

We hope this guide will be a valuable resource as states begin coordinating with data experts, designers, developers, policy and communications experts, parents and community stakeholders to develop accessible and high-quality report cards.

Please share this resource with your networks, and let us know if we can offer any additional support.


Chris Minnich, Executive Director, CCSSO

Katherine Hunt, Senior Vice President, Collaborative Communications Group

 Aimee Guidera, President & CEO, Data Quality Campaign

Patricia Levesque, CEO, ExcelinEd

Bibb Hubbard, Founder & President, Learning Heroes

Laura M. Bay, President, National PTA


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