Writing a Great Call to Action: Going Beyond “Click Here”

I admit it, I’m guilty of relying on the “Click here for more information” sentence. It’s a lazy and ineffective way of making a call to action. If you’ve been relying on “Click Here,” it’s time to step up your call to action game with the following tips.

Make it Actionable

Provide a clear next step for your user. Explain the benefit the user will get when they take action. Kahoot provides an exciting call to action that tells the user exactly what they’re getting.


Another great example comes from Stoodle.


Make it Emotional

Calls to action that include emotional appeals will lead to more clicks and more conversions. Strategize on how you can tap into a user’s curiosity, fears of getting left behind, love and anger. The call to action below appeals to a user’s sense of belonging.


Make it Short

Be direct and keep it short.


Make it Easy

Don’t make your call to action complicated.


No matter what you want your user to do—subscribe, register, download a document or provide feedback—take a step back, put yourself in your user’s shoes and develop a call to action that would compel you to act.