Animated Video Helps Communicate Complexity

by Kris Kurtenbach, Founding Partner

Collaborative works with a various public agencies—from local city governments to global organizations, such as the World Bank. We are helping the World Bank think about the information it collects to increase the impact of its work and improve development outcomes around the world.

We have used short, animated videos as effective tools to communicate the core value propositions of complex systems. Through the use of visual metaphors, animated videos can impart big ideas simply, appeal to the emotions of core stakeholders and have lasting power over the life cycle of an initiative or project.

This example, created in partnership with Social Driver, announces the World Bank’s new online procurement processing system, called Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement, or STEP. As the institutional tool for faster access to information about procurement, STEP transforms data into knowledge: empowering efficiency, creating accountability and enabling citizen engagement through open data in ways that drive results for development.

We’re eager to use animated video as a powerful communications and teaching tool in a variety of additional settings.