The Conversation Continues about Improving School Report Card Designs

We’re glad to see that two months after the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) announced the results of the My School Information Design Challenge, the conversation about report cards as accessible, actionable tools for policymakers and families continues.2015-02-26-MSIC-Press-Release-300x214

Last week, ExcelinEd published a report sharing their findings from the My School Information Design Challenge. ExcelinEd explains in the report that the design challenge sought to inspire the development of the next generation of school report cards. Our winning design with our colleagues at SocialDriver, as well as many of the other submissions, displayed the following characteristics of effective report cards:

  • User-centered design, including information summaries, drill-down access, customization, translation, and multiple modalities.
  • Functionality that empowers action, allows easy navigation and provides comprehensive and comparable information.

Education Daily also wrote about the results of My School Info in “Experts: Collaborate with families to redesign report cards.” (Read the full piece here.)

In the story, Collaborative’s founding partner Kris Kurtenbach said “removing barriers to engagement makes information a ‘gateway’ so ‘a parent has a better understanding of the school and can contact the principal to ask a question, begin a conversation, and really make a connection.’”

We are thrilled to be part of the movement to make public reporting the start of a conversation between schools and communities. What do you think are essential elements of effective school report cards? Share your thoughts with us at