Collaborative Wins National Design Challenge

By Katherine Ward, Vice President

Collaborative Communications has taken the grand prize in the My School Information Design Challenge, hosted by the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Getting Smart! We believe effective public reporting should make school data accessible, interactive, and easy to use for schools, families and communities, and we are delighted our approach to this challenge is being recognized today.

Due to the hard work of our team, led by myself and Chris Given, together with our partners at Social Driver, our winning design (check it out here) could change the way parents and students understand and connect with their learning trajectories.

Query Cover Photo

Our design was driven by this question: What if public reporting could be used to spark a conversation between communities and their schools? More than simply a repository of numbers, interactive online report cards can be a living resource and a forum for conversations about data and what’s happening in schools. We imagine a public reporting platform that facilitates these conversations and inspires action by educators, administrators and communities. This platform could surface new questions and respond with specific, meaningful and actionable answers. Instead of just serving up a snapshot in time, we could promote ongoing parent and community engagement.

Read more about our approach to the My School Information Design Challenge, and our vision for actionable school data nationwide, on Getting Smart.

Thank you to those who supported us in the public voting period! We are excited to see so much attention and energy directed at this important area, and we are eager to continue the conversation and help realize the imaginative ideas that came out of this competition.

We hope to leverage today’s victory into a win for families in communities and school districts across the country who need to see reimagined school – and potentially even student – report card design that can better support engagement and outcomes for kids everywhere.