Using Convenings to Capitalize on Collaborative Intelligence

As part of our practice area planning, facilitating and managing convenings, Collaborative is focused on supporting the National Charter Schools Conference, the National AfterSchool Association Convention and the Carnegie Foundation’s Summit on Improvement in Education. We’re always looking for new tools to help our clients build their capacity to achieve their goals – and we’re happy to share the Rockefeller Foundation’s new publication Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening. This free guidebook is for convening planners and change agents aspiring to capitalize on the potential of collaborative intelligence through in-person convening.

Gather leads its readers through the process of creating a successful convening. Organized into six sections, it helps:

  • Determine whether convening is the right tool;
  • Clarify the purpose/“north star” of the convening;
  • Consider how to build an effective team;
  • Assemble the right participants;
  • Explain ways to structure the work; and
  • Ensure follow through for impact.

We recommend this guidebook to any organizations seeking to create change through effective convenings. Just as the Foundation believes that planning a convening is both an art and a science, the guidebook provides readers with worksheets, starting points, questions and frameworks for the design process rather than a step-by-step manual. Real examples of successful convenings are also highlighted.

We’re always looking to share best practices, and we congratulate the Rockefeller Foundation on the creation of this excellent workbook. Check out the book, companion materials and video to learn more.