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By Katherine Ward, Vice President

This recent release of new responsive design for optimum access on mobile phones and tablets is the latest milestone in ongoing efforts to enhance the accessibility and utility of LearnDC, the city’s one-stop source for information and resources about K12 public education.

According to a Pew study, Digital differences, we know about the rise of mobile access to the internet, and that groups that have been traditionally on the other side of the digital divide are using wireless connections to get online. Indeed, among smartphone owners, minorities, those with no college experience, young adults and lower household income levels are more likely than other groups to say that their phone is the main source of internet access.

The new design automatically transforms the layout of LearnDC depending on the user’s screen size, connecting DC residents with the information they need without requiring additional time to navigate the site’s content by hand.

Visit on your phone or tablet and share your feedback with the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education.